What is the ODG Smartglasses R-7?


ODG Smartglasses R-7 want to change the way we interact, connect, and explore information.

ODG Smartglasses system are designed to be the hands-free computer of tomorrow: fully-integrated, untethered devices that have the power to redefine what can be done on the go.

ODG believes Smartglasses will be the next generation mobile device. Able to do everything today's Smartphones, tablets and computers can, but with additional capabilities and benefits, they represent the next logical step in mobile device advancement. ODG's Smartglasses are essentially a tablet computer in a pair of Glasses. Their next-gen form factor means they deliver a number of unique value propositions beyond what a tablet can.


Consumer Smartglasses
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At ODG, the word vision is more important than most other terms. Every day they work to enhance the visual experience of their customers in ways that used to be the stuff of science fiction, by bringing Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and high-definition three-dimensional images to the market with our industry leading Smartglasses, the



Although today ODG is focused on delivering the best, premium head-worn solution for Enterprise clients, we also have a near-term and long-term vision that includes the Consumer. A vision that incorporates ODG delivering the right device, to the right person, at the right time, and that will create a truly amazing user experience.